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June 15, 2006 (posted and edited June 26)

Sit back and enjoy the rambling blog...

Well I now live in California.
I was pretty nervous about the whole California thing but now that I've explored a little I feel much more comfortable now. I also had my own preconceived ideas about California, like that everyone looked perfect and plastic and blonde all the time, but I haven't seen anyone like that yet. Brad says they live in southern California. Yesterday when we first got here, we stopped for gas at a gas station that we found out didn't take credit cards. I was slightly distraught by this (and still tired from traveling). I came back out to the parking lot after not being able to prepay with a credit card and a nice local heard me talking to Brad. He meant well but basically ended up telling me that I better do my homework because most gas stations in California don't take credit cards. Fortunately he was wrong but it was still quite upsetting to me and made me wonder about this crazy new place we were in. When we were almost to Palo Alto, Bradley pointed out the Walmart and some other shops. I said "Good, I'll go to Walmart tomorrow, They're the same everywhere." And then Bradley responded with an "I wouldn't count on it." which sunk me back into my stressed out misery in this new place. I went to Walmart today in spite of his comments and it was just fine, and just like everywhere else. I've met and talked to lots of nice people, people that seem like people everywhere else. I guess there are some differences in California but they aren't anything too bad.
The area is nice. I feel farely safe here, as safe as you can feel in a place you don't know yet. The biggest difference to me is the bike lanes on every street and more than that, the fact that they are being used all the time by bikes and runners. I'm remembering what it's like to be in a new place. I can go from point A to point B and back by retracing my steps exactly but I don't really have a grasp of where I am yet.
I talked to Bradley tonight about Walmart and he said he meant that there were a lot of chinese people there, go figure, like it matters to me who's at Walmart. Tomorrow I'm going to go back to Walmart and shop some more in those familiar surroundings.

Now that that's all off my chest. (And not to worry, I'm not mad at Bradley) I think he enjoyed his first day at SLAC. And California weather is great. We went by our apartment tonight and looked at the area, it's very nice. My only stress is that we will only have one bathroom. That means one toilet. ONE!!! Oh well, we'll have to make due.

I guess I haven't blogged in a while because most of my days blur together And I can't remember the things I want to blog about. Well tonight, I have a lot to say. I don't have my friends or my older daughters around me so I had lots of things in my head that still needed to be said.
Also, Happy Birthday to Poppy who turned 50 today and Happy Father's Day to all the dads I know. Keep up the good work.
March 7, 2006

Zara is 8 months old today!!

Events of the past month:
Pulling up
Crawling to sitting
5 teeth
Strep Throaght
Double ear infection
Cruising on legs and couches

Continuations, Still:
Pulling hair
Putting everything in her mouth
Very snuggly

Brittan and Alora; Today was Wacky Hair Day!!

February 2, 2006
Happy Groundhog Day!

Lately Brittan has been asking me every question several times. It's been driving me nuts. I think the problem has finally been solved. Here's our converstaion from last night. On a side note she was asking for a pecan and a chocolate chip, a yummy mix...

Brittan: Mom, Can I have this and this?
Mom: Sure Hunny.
Brittan: Yeah but Mom, can I have one of these and one of these? [reffering to the same two things]
Mom: Hunny, you just asked that, and I already answered you.
Brittan: Yeah but you said sure. That means maybe.
Mom: No, it means yes.
Brittan: Oh.

January 12, 2006

Isn't this baby gorgeous?!

Well they say a picture is worth a thousand words so I decided to cut out a few thousand words and put up some pictures.



Zara doing her daily workout.

If you know Maxwell, you know how amazing this picture is.

January 11, 2006
Happy New Year!
Happy Zara is 6 months old! (as of the 7th)
She had her checkup today. She's 17lbs, 12oz and 27in long.
Zara is almost crawling now. She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks and can scoot her knees forward. The hands don't move forward yet but we're close. She can also scoot backwards and roll anyway she pleases. She can sit for a little bit.

Brittan is doing well after her heart cath. Her leg is bruised and sore still but she's back to doing everything. We jumped on the trampoline tonight. We should hear form the cardiologist soon.

Alora and Britt and I got haircuts today. Britt and I just got trims but Alora got her's chopped. It's chin length now.

December 7, 2005
Merry Christmas! Christmas will be here soon. Fake Christmas is just 3 days away. We are celebrating before we go to Georgia so that the kids will have time to play with their things and so that we don't have to take everything with us. My webpage has been Christmasified.

The big news... I have sent out 65 Christmas cards and I will probably send a few more. This is our first Christmas to really do the Christmas card thing right. I'm already planning out our cards for next year. The six of us on the beach in California, and we'll have even more people to send them too. I didn't have time to write personal notes to people but don't worry, I thought about every person as I prepared the cards to go out. Bradley was a huge help. He signed the cards and stuffed and stamped many of the envelopes along with editing and adding to the Christmas letter.

There are more people I would like to send cards to but I'm running out of time this year and I don't have the addresses yet. I'm also running out of pictures. Please email me your address if you would like to be on the list for next year. We have a spread sheet of addresses to add you too. Also send me an email if your address changes.

I almost forgot. Zara is five months old today!!
December 3,2005

It's Photo Time!

Some might call this sitting, I'm sorry it's out of focus.

She is just too cute. She'll be 5 months old in 5 days.

Maxwell and Zara sharing some Cheerios

Christmas Baby, Christmas Baby...

Maxwell likes to play baby and his name is often Zaraboo.

Zara's first ponytail.

Happy Thanksgiving! Alora and Brittan slept with curlers in.

We went to Cumberland Falls for Thanksgiving with Kara's Family.

Brittan finally let me do the style I had wanted to practice from the beginning. This should look cute for the wedding.

November 29, 2005
Well, many of you already know by now. Bradley blogged about it yesterday. We will be living in Palo Alto, California for a year; from June 2006 through July 2007. We will be keeping our house and coming back to Knoxville after our great adventure is over. We want everyone to come out and see us and we want to see all of our west coast friends and family while we are out there.

The girls took the news well. They cryed at first about having to leave friends and school but then we started planning all of our adventures; tide-pooling, china town, Auntie Dells' in the winter, and more.

Bradley will be the DIRC Comissioner at SLAC for the Babar Collaboration.
November 28, 2005
As most of my readers know, Brittan as a heart murmur caused by a Ventricular Septal Defect. She has a small hole inside her heart, it's only a few milimeters (3-5) in diameter. She has no physical restrictions and it doesn't affect her daily life. It has however caused the left side of her heart to become slightly enlarged, but still within normal limits. An enlarged heart could cause her problems as an adult.
Her doctor at Vanderbilt, Dr. Moore, along with his colleages have decided that Brittan should have a Heart Catheterization, or heart cath for short. This is a simple outpatient diagnostic procedure that will help to determine if the hole needs to be closed. During the procedure a long, thin tube (catheter) will be inserted into a blood vessel through a small incision in the groin. It will be guided up to the heart where it will take precise measurements of pressures inside her heart.
The heart cath is scheduled for Friday January 6th, 2006 at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nashville. We'll be gone Thursday and Friday. Brittan will have a preadmit appointment on Thursday. My mom will be here with Maxwell and Alora. I have included the links above for you to follow to get more information if you want.
Brittan is well-informed and should be back to her normal silly self very soon afterwards. (She told me I had to put "silly" instead of "crazy").
November 15, 2005
Bradley helped me fix our 2005 Christmas Lists!. They are back. I annoyed him alot. I will be adding some new items to our christmas lists soon, they'll be in red. Right now, i'm done with the computer. It has worn me out.

Our christmas lists are currently unaccessable. try and look, it's very special. there apears to have been a glich during the file transfer and the only good copy is on brad's computer and he's busy working now. i'll try and get it back up later today. sorry

November 8, 2005
Zara is 4 months old as of yesterday. She had rice cereal for the first time today. Bradley is covering that story. I'm in charge of digitizing the christmas lists.
Click here to view our 2005 Christmas Lists!
Novemer 6, 2005

Erica(purple Poncho), Brittan(Multicolored), Kiley(Multicolored), Courtney(green), Alora(green), Bailee(pink)

Yesterday was Alora and Brittan's Birthday Party. Our first all girl crafty party was a success. It was a 3 hour party and we made english muffin pizzas for dinner. We were just getting to presents when the moms arrived. The girls painted canvas bags (courtesy of Dell) and made leis (also courtesy of Dell). The main craft was making a poncho (an idea I got from Nanny). I cut the fabric into squares, cut the necks, and did the corners but the girls cut and tied all the fringe. They did an awesome job and the ponchos look so cute. Alora and Brittan picked the poncho colors for all their friends and surprisingly everyone was happy. It was a great party.

Here they are working hard. Courtney was the first one done.

And here they are being their usual crazy selves.

Erica is Brittan's best friend in her class. Bailee is Alora's best friend in her class. Courtney lives across the street and the 3 of them were inseperable this weekend. Courtney spent the night friday and my girls spent the night at her house after the party. Kiley is Kara's daughter and a good friend to both.
October 26, 2005
My oldest babies turn 8 tomorrow. They are so big now. We are having an all girl crafty party this year. That's next weekend. We are getting up very early tomorrow and going out to breakfast at IHOP. This was their idea. Then i'll be taking cupcakes to school and then opening presents in the evening.

Photo of the day: The day crew. As you can see, they are not here to clean.

September 17, 2005
It's just after midnight and I can't sleep. Everyone else is out cold. Zara is sleeping through the night now. She is amazing. She is growing so quickly.
I started back working at the church this past Sunday. It's good to be back. The kids were very happy to go back too. I'm also working Wednesday nights. The kids come then too.
I was reading my past blog entries and realized how quickly all of my children change. I want to record as much as I can so it's not forgotten. Maxwell no longer says "frash". He says "trash" now. He can speak in short sentences. His first 3 word sentence was a few months ago. "Go away mom." It was so very cute.

Here's a view of Maxwell's average day:
He sleeps in till around 8 or 9am. He then lays on the floor for a while sucking his pacy. The pacy is only for sleeping and car trips, so when he gets up the pacy has to stay behind. He won't sleep on his crib mattress which is now on the floor. He did for a few weeks but now we just lay him down on his quilt from Nanny with his two pillows right behind the door. He knocks on the door when he's ready to come out in the morning. Then he's usually ready to eat a hotdog. He's always ready to eat a hotdog. Instead he usually has soygurt, a bagel, or a bowl of raisins and cheerios. He hangs out and plays in the family room or his room. Then in about an hour he's hungry for a hotdog again. He eats a hotdog or sandwich meat. We spend the day playing with Zara on the floor. And he helps burp her when I nurse her or comforts her when she crys. Nap time varies and the past few days I haven't been laying him down because he doesn't get grumpy but I pay for it later when he's screaming and crying at about 6pm and doesn't want his pacy. When his sisters get home at 3pm, they often leave him to go play with friends but they always come back later and he goes outside with them most every afternoon or evening. Many evenings Brad and I sit outside too. It is still hot during the day and warm in the evenings. Lots of afternoons we'll run errands. Maxwell loves being in the car. We have dinner at some point and the girls go to bed around 8pm. Maxwell always stays up later. He usually watches all or part of a movie with Brad and me. Then it's PJs, dry diaper, brush teeth (which is a struggle), pacy and lay him down behind the door. If he's very tired he'll go willingly and even kiss me good night. If he doesn't know he's tired, he'll throw his pacy (he as a very good arm) and scream and cry. It's a challenge to shut the door before he gets up off he floor. We'll let him cry for about five minutes and if he's still at it, we admit temporary defeat and try again in a little while. He almost always stays down the second time. He usualy sleeps though the night but if he happens to wake up, he's usually quite upset and ends up in bed with us.

That's Maxwell's day. That about outlines my day and Zara's as well. But here are some more details because I'm not quite ready for bed yet.
I get up at 6:50am with my alarm to help the girls get off to school. They get up ten minutes before me. (I usually nurse Zara around 6am but somtimes not until 8:30am.) Zara stays asleep and Bradley is up or will be up soon. I go back to bed once the girls are gone. I nurse Zara when she wakes up and then she sleeps in bed with me (instead of her bassinett). We stay in bed until we hear Maxwell on the monitor. Zara is on the floor, in the swing, or in my arms all day long. In the evenings I really can't put her down much. Although sometimes she enjoys a break and lays in her crib and looks at her toys. She absolutly loves her mobile and always smiles at it. Zara is usually out for the night in my arms or in the swing between 9:30 and 11pm. She can then be transfered to her bassinett upstairs. Before the AC broke upstairs we could put her up there and she would sometimes fall alseep in her bassinett. I would occasionally have to put her pacy back in. As usual, Brad and I stay up too late, usually watching a movie. But we have been in bed by midnight most nights latley.
It's almost 1am and still very warm upstairs. Hopefully Fall is coming soon.

September 12, 2005
Bradley and I fixed our leaking toilet last week. We replaced the beeswax seal and all the other little connector pieces. This is Bradley reinstalling the toilet. Rollover for a true plumber shot.

Zara is over 12 lbs now and sleeping 7 hours or more every night. She is very healthy and got her first round of vaccines (3 shots) on Friday at her 2 month check up. Maxwell had his 2 yr check up at the same time and is 26 lbs and very healthy also. The check up went very well. It was just me with the 2 of them and there was only one time when they were both crying together. When we go back in the fall and Zara gets more shots and the other three all get flu shots, that should be interesting.
September 11, 2005
I will never forget what happened on this date 4 years ago. Alora and Brittan were only 3 and we were living in downtown Atlanta. It was a very scary and upsetting day. I reminded the girls about the events of that day this morning and I'm glad I did because they didn't know about the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania and the people on board who saved so many others from dying.-------------
On a lighter note, I have a few cute pictures to share tonight. They were taken today.

My smiley two month old!

Alora, Zara, Brittan and my knitting.

Target has knitting stuff in the dollar section. the girls actually started it. Their friend across the street knits so they wanted knitting stuff so she could teach them. well to make a long story short, we went to three Targets, Michael's, and Barnes and Noble (for a book on knitting) and now Brittan and I can knit. Alora has decided that it is too hard for now.
August 31, 2005
My poor Brittan is sick today. She stayed home from school with a fever and sore throat. This morning after Brittan went back to bed, Alora was dressed and had done her hair and then stood in the middle of the hall and asked me what she should do next. I suggested breakfast and shoes and socks. She said "Oh yeah." Then I asked her if Brittan was the one who told her what to do in the morning. She said, "Yeah, sorta." She was a little lost without her Brittan. She only asked me a couple more times what she should do next before going out to the bus stop.

My Babies.

These are the newest piuctures of my babies. I don't have any good recent pictures of my older babies on the camera and I don't feel like getting out any CDs tonight. So we just have pics of my baby babies. They were taken tonight. And if you're wondering Maxwell is perfectly happy being my "baby". He loves it when I call him my baby, but he also likes being called "big boy."

This evening Maxwell and Zara were laying on the bed side by side and I was singing about my two babies. I kissed them both and Maxwell as usual wiped off his kiss. He then very gently leaned over and wiped off Zara's cheek too. He is entirely too cute.

Here they are a few minutes later. Zara was not very happy then.

July 29, 2005
Happy Birthday to Maxwell!! My baby boy is two years old today. It's just after midnight and fortunately he is asleep. Zara however is still awake but she is happy and in her bassinet. Zara is 3 weeks and 1 day old today. Zara is not pronounced like Cara (Care-uh). For more Zara details check out Brad's blog. (There's a link to his webpage in my first blog entry and on my homepage.) No one really wants to read what I write, so we'll skip that part and here are some pictures.

Maxwell hogging the camera (notice Zara in the background) on his last day as a one-year-old.

Zara at three weeks old and 9lbs 4oz. My beautiful baby!

Here is Zara lifting her head up nice and high. She had it up even higher and was looking ahead right before we got the camera out. This is very impressive for 3 weeks old.

Margo came to see baby Zara. We love Margo. (Alora is on the left.)

Isn't this a cute picture? Zara is around 2 weeks old. I love this photo!

Please look at, especially if you are a Wogsland or related to me. Bradley has just bought this domain name and is building it into a really neat site. He has transfered all of his geneology pages to it. Amir already has a page.

June 24, 2005
Just for the record, the other night as soon as I got in bed after blogging, Maxwell woke up not feeling well and the two of us were up for the next couple hours.
Yesterday and today we went to the pool with Kara and her kiddos. I forgot how heavy you feel after getting out of the pool when you're really pregnant. It's almost not worth the light feeling attained while in the pool.
I can't blog anymore tonight. Brad's got a movie on and this tiny blog has taken me almost an hour to write. I don't concentrate well with TV on.
June 23, 2005

37 weeks, 6 days
Well it's 2am and I can't sleep. I actually got in bed before 10pm tonight and read till after midnight. When I turned out the lights, little Austria went nuts. She is still moving like crazy. And ocasionally it's quite painful. I think her head is twisting on a nerve. I saw a different doctor today because mine was doing an emergency C-section. He was very nice. He felt my abdomen and said the baby felt very low. I agree. Bradley is now sound asleep. I'm tired and wide awake with wiggles in my belly and a calf that is threatening to strike. But stretching my calf now hurts my hips more than it relieves my calf.

Maxwell has a little bit of a cold. He wasn't very happy about going to bed tonight but he's still sleeping soundly. Hopefully it passes quickly. I did the nebulizer twice today with pulmicort and I'll do it again tomorrow until his cold subsides. The Pulmicort is an inhaled steroid that keeps his lungs from getting so inflamed by the cold. It should keep the wheezing to a minimum or at least keep it under control enough that we can handle it at home. As he's gotten older, we've already noticed that his wheezing has lessened. The more he grows, the better.
This will be a busy weekend. My mom and father-in-law are driving up from Georgia on Saturday morning. The girls and my mother-in-law will be getting here in the evening from the beach. Then on Sunday, Kara is throwing me a baby shower. It will be small with a few of the ladies from church. It should be fun. I'm rather excited, hanging out with so many adults and focusing on me being pregnant. :) My mom and Sally will be here too and will get to meet everyone.
June 21, 2005
Maxwell is currently standing on the couch, counting to three (in his own way) and falling face first onto the couch cushions. He is having a blast. It's very cute. And, now whenever we ask him if he wants to do something, he raises both of his arms in the air and shouts "me", He usually says "yes" first; so the "me" is just for good measure to make sure we fully understand.
The girls are having a great time at the beach. I talked to all three of them yesterday, my two and their cousin Hannah, who is two years older. They are all so cute. But the week has just begun, they won't be back until late in the day Saturday.

37 weeks, 4 days
Well, I'm still very pregnant. When I sit my belly rests on my legs. My left hip hurst so much. Sometimes it just aches and other times if I move funny it's excruciating. Most of the time when I walk, it feels like the bones in my left hip are rubbing together. I can hear it and feel. My sister assures me that it's probably not bones rubbing together and more likely my bone rubbing against a tendon or ligament. At any rate, it hurts. But the cure is soon to be here, along with my wonderful baby girl. My hospital bag is sitting by the door. I just need to add her baby book which is sitting upstairs. I haven't done too much today because standing is quite uncomfortable. Right now I have the kind of heart burn that sits low down and feels like chest pain. It's not very enjoyable.

If anyone is wondering what pregnancy is like... It is 9 months on your body falling apart in order to make an amazing new person. You spend 9 months focusing on your body and being pregnant. It's hard to think about much else. And then one day, you are no longer pregnant and will never be pregnant again with this same person, but all of a sudden you have a new life to take care of; someone who will always be in your life, and those 9 months of pregnancy seem so insignificant.

June 18, 2005
I just put together a little page for Jaime and Amir. Take a look.

The girls are at the beach with Nanny and Poppy. They left yesterday. We miss them already. We have no one to empty the dishwasher or pick up the backyard before Bradley mows. We really do miss them but they are having fun, so much fun that Alora wouldn't talk to me when I called today. Maxwell is doing alright without them so far. We took him to see his first movie today, Madagascar. He liked it, it wasn't too scary and when he wiggled too much he got to eat skittles. What could be better? At the end when the credits started to roll and we were standing up, he asked us to turn it off. Very cute.

37 weeks, 1 day
I am huge now. My belly sticks out further than it ever has and I'm nice and wide. My hips and legs hurt if I stand, sit, walk, or lay for too long. Bradley is very ready for the baby to come. He says he wants to hold her but really I'm just annoying him. I've been a little stressed because we don't have a crib mattress or basinet yet, but they are coming; the crib mattress tomorrow. It drives him nuts that I want everything ready before she gets here.
Austria is quite wiggly and pokes her back and butt out at weird angles. You can push against her body and watch her readjust and push back. If you would like to give your input on baby guesses, email them to me:
Eyecolor later on (they'll definately start off blue):

She could be born any day now but I think I've still got time. Afterall, Maxwell was born at 41 weeks, 1 day (with 40 weeks being the due date). I'm not too swollen in my hands and feet but I did have to lose the wedding ring a few weeks ago. Every now and then I'll feel for it and have a mini panic until I remember why it's off.

I almost forgot. I got to go to the hospital about a week ago for heart plapatations. I'm fine and by the time they hooked me up to a heart monitor, the palpatations had stopped but they still ran some tests because my heart rate was around 130 bpm. They checked my lungs and legs for blood clots and found none. The heart palpatations are called premature atrial contractions (PACs). They are quite harmless. I've gotten them since I was a kid and they were able to diagnose them when I was pregnant with Maxwell. Normally I'll feel it for a few seconds and then it's gone. But this time it went on for almost 2 hours, which is why I was a little freaked out. I'm sure being huge and pregnant has a lot to do with it. But do not worry; I am fine and so is the baby.

June 3,2005
Well it's too late at night to blog now. It is the wee hours of the third. I will be doing more soon so check back. Happy Birthday to my sister who turned 23 yesterday!! And here's the link to what I've been working on for hours. It's not the greatest but there are lots of pictures!!
Three Crazy Days of May

May 1, 2005

We bought our new car Friday evening. A nice used minivan. It's a 1997 Mercury Villager and so far seems to be in better condition that our poor sweet Accord. We now have two cars and the minivan is mine!! Although the girls like to call it "ours". I prefer to be more possesive, I'm not sharing it yet.

Brittan likes to sit in the driver's seat, as do all of my children including Molly. We went out and bought car accessories today. Don't you like the steering wheel cover? It's Hawaiian.

Friday afternoon we went to a baby shower at Cedar Bluff Primary School for Alora's teacher the first half of the year. She's having twin girls. We made her two beautiful diaper cakes. The girls and I worked very hard on them so now we are showing them off. Take a look:

(there is a new photo below)

April 28, 2005
Cute, Funny, and Gross...

Maxwell took a shower with me the other day. I wrapped him up in a grown up towel afterwards. He stood in the bathroom wrapped up in his giant towel and did the cold dance. He bounced up and down and said col(d), col(d), col(d), etc. It was very cute. He was even kind enough to replay his cold dance for dad in his office.

Last weekend Brittan made up a little song with a catchy tune. She sang "Here I come, here I come. With my royal underpanties." as she put away her laundry. It was so catchy that Bradley sang it for the rest of the day.

Today while the girls were unloading the dishwasher, Brittan came crying to me that Alora had dropped a plate on her arm. When confronted, Alora responded, "Mom, it was an accident. She was annoying me." (We don't let her know that we consider this to be funny.)

A week or so ago, I was in the kitchen doing the dishes when I heard the girls calling me from the hallway: "mom, diaper, maxwell, hallway, poop!" was about what I heard. I went to the hallway and Maxwell was standing there with his diaper halfway off with poop in his hand, on his shirt, down his leg, and in several spots on the floor. I immediatly stood him in the tub and wiped off his hand to try and isolate the poopy mess. He got very upset. We think he might have been trying to get to his little potty but didn't make it in time.

Today it rained a lot. Maxwell likes to go outside a lot. He cares not if it's raining, so when we refused to take him outside, he threw a fit at the garage door for several minutes. He is very persistant. We tried to let him work it out but I think he would've cried all day. Bradley went into the kitchen and started setting up all of Maxwell's play kitchen things. That didn't work so I went over and picked him up and calmed him and showed him what daddy was doing. Then he very happily played kitchen with dad.

The best play kitchen game ever, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. Daddy pretends to eat food. he puts it down his shirt, to his tummy area then he pushes it around to the back, stands up and pretends to poop it out. Maxwell loves this game.

Poison Baby. This game has been around for months. All you need is a poisonous baby (any mobile baby will do) and squealy little girls. The squealy girls shout "poison baby" and the baby runs at them with his finger outstretched trying to touch them with his poison finger.

April 20, 2005
And now for a word on "Frash":
"Frash" goes in the trash can.
"Frash" can be found in the yard or in the house.
"Frash" is found in the trash can.
A pop-ice wrapper is "frash".
A used napkin is "frash".
Banana peels are "frash".
Sometimes, if you are lucky like Maxwell, you can even find "frash" on the floor.
Remember, when you find "frash", put it in the trash can.

The girls will be home from school soon with their twin friends. It should be a wild afternoon.

28 weeks, 5 days
I just got off the phone with my OB. She's so sweet. She answered all my questions and appologized again for having to call me to finish my questions. I told her that was fine because if I was in the ICU, I would want to be on the top of her list.
I am really looking forward to my labor and delivery this time.

April 19, 2005
Bradley is worried about my negativity in my blogging so I'll only blog happy thoughts. :)
In the car today, Alora was telling me about her friend Teresa who she is "stuck like glue" to (because Brittan is "stuck like glue" to Audrey). Alora and Teresa have a game where Alora is a dog and Teresa casts spells (I don't remember her title). At first Alora (and I think other kids too) can only bark. Then Teresa casts a spell on you and you can speak but not bark. Then she casts another spell that allows you to speak and bark. When speaking to Teresa, you must use a normal voice or else she will cast another spell to take away your speaking abilities. This is a very fun game. I hope you enjoyed your glimpse into first grade pretend play. I found this story to be very entertaining.

28 weeks, 4 days
*Well I had my OB appointment today. All is well. I was worried about my glucose test results because i had a lot of sugar in my urine last time but my results came back just fine. I'm right in the middle of the acceptable range. I finally had questions for my doctor today, mostly about her thoughts about the different aspects of labor and delivery and what to expect at the hospital. I've never had the same OB for more than one pregnancy. I hadn't even thought about these kind of questions until I started reading online about birth plans and all tht stuff. So I asked her a bunch of questions but it was getting late and she had to go over to the hospital, etc. So she offered to call me later and we could talk as long as I wanted and that I should think up more questions. She asked me like three times if that was OK. She's so nice, of course the two times she called today, I wasn't home. I felt so bad. I'm pretty sure she'll call tomorrow and I'll be home all day.
*For labor I'm pretty sure I'll end up getting an epidural but I don't want one at first. I've never been in labor and been able to move around. I really wanted that option this time. She said I could move around as long as everything is fine. I'll still be wearing a fetal monitor but I'll be mobile. I'll have an IV in too but I don't mind that. The really cool thing she told me is that they can get the epidural all set up early on but just not give you any medicine until you want it. Then you don't have to hold still when your contractions are neverending. I never knew they could do that before.
*The hospital I'm delivering at is supposed to be really nice. They have a brand new birthing center. That's why I chose it. I haven't been on a tour yet, but I'll probably call tomorrow to try and schedule one.
*I took a break from my blog and found this really cool thing. You can go online and send me a card for free that they deliver to my room while I'm there. You have to know my full name, room number, and home address. So when I'm in the hospital at least one person has to do this because I want to see what the cards look like in person.
*Next appointment is in two weeks.
*You can tell Austria is getting bigger because her movements are getting bigger. She was very entertaining the other night. Brad got a big kick out of it. She was a wild thing.
*We really need to get a mini van soon. I'm getting very antsy about not having all my stuff yet.
*Maxwell and I went back to Babies R Us today to update my registry. I'm such a spaz.

April 16, 2005
Be forewarned, I blogged too much. We'll just call it babble.
Today was a very long day even though I got to sleep in. We ended up not going car shopping. We did a little shopping yesterday and it drained Bradley. It was gorgeous outside and we were out most of the day. I also went to Wal-Mart to return our vacuum, but that didn't really work out. Wal-Mart won't take back anything that you purchased over 90 days before, no excuses. They did not care that my vacuum broke after 6 months. What did I learn? Buy avacuum from good places, like Bed Bath and Beyond, that will gladly take back a vacuum that died after 6 months, and lesson #2: don't buy a $50 vacuum in the first place. So we sill don't have a working vacuum. The kitchen is a wreck because I haven't wanted to stay inside a second longer than necessary because it's so nice outside. But, I got Maxwell a turtle sandbox at Wal-Mart. All of the kids love it but it was really intended to occupy my munchkin who can't use the swingset or trampoline by himself yet. It looks like the sandbox I had when I was little and it's right outside the kitchen sink window like mine was. But best of all today, Bradley finished the patio!! He worked so hard today his finger tips were bleeding and raw. The patio looks very nice. (It's made of Pavers of red and black that are shaped like bricks. You put them next to each other in a pattern and secure them around the edges and then fill the cracks between them with sand.) There are some uneven parts, but on the whole it looks great and it's far more functional than the mud puddle that was left after the old deck was ripped out before we bought the house. (It was rotting away.) Bradley has leftover bricks and plans to make a walkway around to the front and a mini patio under the backyard hose faucet. He plans on making our house look like his nanna's while Iím making it like the house of my childhood. It blends together nicely. Maxwell and the girls love the patio. They love to dance around and shriek on it, and follow the spiral pattern of course.

28 weeks, 1 day
Last night I fell asleep on the couch. Brad left me downstairs because I said I was coming up soon but I didn't wake up for real until about 2:40am. I felt so weird when I woke up and Austria wasn't moving. I worried about it all night, but by this morning there was plenty of wiggling and it continued all day of course. After the nighttime sleepy fog wore off, my thoughts of having caused her brain damage or worse from sleeping on the couch went away. She still doesnít have a real name.
On another note: I'm very disappointed in my nesting this time around. I just haven't felt that incredible urge to clean and organize as much as I would like. I need that feeling. I have big plans, stuff to do.
Next doctor's appointment is on Tuesday.

Tomorrow will be another big day. The girls and I will be at church from 8:30am until probably 1:30pm. There's a children's council meeting after church, so Iíll be staying to watch the few kiddos that will still be there and I get Pizza Hut pizza. It's just so good. Maxwell will be staying home tomorrow. He needs a nap. The girls always ask if they can stay home if they are too tired to get up but they are always up and ready to go. They are so funny. After church tomorrow, we come home, get dad and Maxwell, and hop in the car to go check out camp Tanasi, the Girl Scout camp for our area. That is from 3pm-5pm. It's about 45 minutes away and I still don't know how to get there. I'll have to call. There were no directions on their website, very disappointing.

For those of you who I don't talk to everyday or who don't know me, here's a little info about my life now. We moved to Knoxville, TN from Atlanta, GA last August. We rented until we found a house. We bought our wonderful house in the beginning of November and spent the whole month moving ourselves in. Brad started Graduate school at UT when we moved up in August and the girls started first grade. They switched to their new school where our house is zoned after winter break. Bradley is currently taking classes and teaching. He'll be doing research full time this summer and then more classes and research in the fall. The program will take about 4 to 5 years to complete. In the end he'll have a masters and a PhD. I was still working at Bed Bath and Beyond until recently. It was just too stressful and I wanted to be home and Brad needed me home so that he could get some school work done. I have another job though, I was working both for a while. I work at a local Methodist church in the nursery, with the babies. I am a paid nursery worker and Iím in there every Sunday and other times when they need me. It's a great job. I started taking Maxwell and then the girls a few months ago. The girls love it. They hang out with me during early service. We usually have no little ones during that time. Then they go off the Sunday school, part of late service and then extended care (where all the kids go during the regular sermon.) I usually have about 5 boys including Maxwell and they are all walking now. Maxwell stays in my room the whole time. He is very good, but gets a little clingy sometimes. Sometimes I get a little girl, but we always have lots of boys. The youngest boy, Spencer, is Kara's son. Kara is my new Knoxville best friend. Her name is pronounced just like mine, weird I know. She is awesome. I met her at the church. She has three kids and her husband is the assistant pastor at the church, but she's probably not how you'd picture her. She wore a Greatful Dead shirt over to my house the other day and her husband does all the same silly stupid stuff that Brad does. That's why I love her so much. We can talk about our husbands and children all day long. She has a seven year old and five year old girl and Spencer is about 5 months younger than Maxwell. They are so cute when they play together. Also, we are expecting our 4th child, a girl due in July.

April 14, 2005
Well Babies R Us was fun, and it was so fun to be out with Kara and with no children. Of our 6 combined children, none of them were with us. It was amazing! When we got back to the house, my girls were half alseep on the couch watching baby videos of themselves while Maxwell ran around like a lunatic. It makes you appreciate them more when you get time away now and then. It was around 11pm when we got back. I told you Kara and I had fun. We stayed at Babies R Us until closing and then we went to Burger King until almost closing and we never ran out of things to say.
Tomorrow the girls are off school and we are all going down to the old court house to do stuff like update our licenses with our current address etc, etc. Then we have to get a gift for a party that evening that both of my girls were invited to, thank goodness. It's so nice and easy and unstressful when they both get invited to a birthday party. I'll blog more about it next time it doesn't go so smoothly.
On another note, Bradley laughed so hard today while reading my blog. Why? Am I that witty? No, my spelling is attrocious. I know it's bad. That's why I like spell check. Well, Notepad doesn't have spell check so oh well. If my blogs get so bad that you don't understand what I'm saying let me know. Until then, be thankful that most of my "I"'s are capitalized. :)

This is the start of the baby blog, devoted, in pink of course, to the upcoming arrival and then actual babiness of our fourth child. We are expecting a baby girl, due July 8th. Her womb name is Austria. Her real name is, as yet, undecided. And even when it is decided, it shall remain secret untill the time of her birth or sooner if Bradley and I feel like it. We are counting up to 40 weeks, which is July 8th.

27 weeks and 6 days
I'll be 28 weeks along tomorrow. I've just entered my third trimester and I can definatly feel it. I feel like I'm falling apart when I move.
I bought a pregnancy exercise video a while back and did it for the first time the day before yesterday. The goal is to do it everyday, but today is looking rather busy and since I must get my nap in, the video must wait until tomorrow (it's actually a DVD).
Tonight I'm dragging Kara to Babies R Us to register for the new baby. I feel kind of silly doing it, but when you're pregnant people always want to get you gifts and this way I'll get to pick out some stuff I need, and yes there are a few things that I need. (Please don't take this as a request for presents, I would rather blog and not know if anyone was reading than to know exactly who was reading it). I actually got excited the other night and registered for a few things online. I picked out some stuff for Maxwell too. They have a lawn mower that blows bubbles and it's cheap, very cool. I really just enjoy registering, it's like shopping without spending money. High-tech window shopping!
I desperatly need to go to Alpahretta and get Baby stuff out of my inlaws' atic. I don't even know if we have clothing that will be the right size during the right season. The girls were born in the fall and Austria is coming in the summer. I think we should be able to find stuff that works especially since she'll be inside most of the time. It was way too hot to take Maxwell out very often the summer he was born. I can't wait to get all of the baby girl clothing out again and go through it all. We don't really have a place to put it. The girls have three dressers in their room and Maxwell has a huge one with a few empty drawers so we'll have to do some rearranging.
We are probably going car shopping this Saturday. We are looking to get a used minivan. We won't all fit in our car now when Austria is born. Our dream minivan, in case you were wondering: a 2005 Dark Blue Honda Odyssey EX with fabric seats (no leather). they actually seat 8 people now!!. But Brad has been looking online and informs me that if we get a used Odyssey in our price range, it'll be at least 10 years old. So we'll probably have to get something else a little newer. I really don't want a Dodge Caravan, but I have a creepy feeling that's what we'll end up with. I always said that I would never get one because it has my name in it. I don't know if I can handle that. I can hear the torment now. Kara has one, and she gets teased but at least her name starts with a "K" so it's a little different.
This Morning while Maxwell and I were snuggling in bed (Brad was still half asleep), I told him that soon we'd be snuggling with his baby sister too. He did not want to hear that at all and actually got upset. He doesn't want to give up his special snuggle time. Being a big brother is going to be hard at first.

April 13, 2005
OK so here is my first blog entry ever. I hope you are very impressed. My wonderful hubby set it up for me. I'm a little rusty with HTML so it will be a little boring at first, I do appologize.
Well, Maxwell my faithful sidekick is currently going through the trash by my desk so i'll keep this short. He was watching a "moo" with his sisters but apparently The Sound of Music isn't that interesting to him. (I had to call Brad in to ask him how to do italics, my guess was right though.) Don't you worry, soon my web page and blog will be better than Brad's webpage.
On a sad note our Mourning Doves are gone, nest and all. They were there yesterday and the babies were too young to leave the nest yet.
My Sweet Big Boy is watching his favorite video, claymation Little People. It's very exciting. Great things happen like popcorn popping right off the cob in the field.
Since he is occupied and i'm sucked into the computer now, I shall make my web page better, because right now it is just an awfull shell that Brad put up ages ago.

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